Bassey Immigration Law Center


Bassey Immigration Law Center is a full service immigration law firm located in Tampa, FL and represent clients all over Florida, the 50 States, Washington D.C and abroad. Bassey Immigration Law Center is focused exclusively on immigration and nationality law.


Mr. Bassey, and his lovely wife Mercy, felt their firm's old logo did not reflect what they do and looked to simple. They wanted a new mark that reflected their service with a clear message of who they are and what they do, while reaching their target audience of individuals, families, and businesses of multiple nationalities and languages.

Using the torch as a element of hope, prosperity, and as a recognizable symbol to immigrants, I created the flames as figures, representing the life of this country. I designed the logo to be bright and energetic, showing the colors of many representative nations, and fitting with the message and goals of my clients. 

See their complementary review HERE.

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