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Erin Foushee is a talented photographer in Charleston, SC. Capturing and documenting the world around her has always been her passion. She photographs weddings, babies, couples, portraits, and so much more.


Erin's existing logo needed an update. It was too rigid, square and did not reflect her desires for the business. She wanted a cleanly designed, easy to read logo that reflected her modern/vintage look, with soft, romantic, old world touches.

Though a calligraphic, hand drawn type for the company name and a rustic but modern supporting type, I began crafting the beginnings of the logo. After speaking with Erin, I suggested using the stage leaf as another descriptive element to further her branding. I drew the leaf and finessed the line quality to mimic the feeling of the brand. Choosing soft sage green, warm gray, and yellow/gold for the branding colors, I furthered the romantic, handmade feel she was seeking.

See her complementary review HERE.

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