Integrative Wellness of Charleston


Integrative Wellness is a medical and alternative medicine treatment center located in Charleston, SC. They offer a variety of treatments ranging from chiropractic care to massage. While the treatments vary, the goal is singular - to help their patients get well and stay well. 


Dr. Rafael Llop came to me seeking a logo that more accurately represented his established business and created excitement to engage new clients seeking healing. He wanted to include imagery that represented the holistic and healing nature of his practice without the usual icons of chiropractic and massage. 


His practice is made up of many talented people and knew I wanted to include imagery that represented the team as a whole, but as individuals. I wanted an element of nature to be present in the logo showing healing, rejuvenation, life and prosperity. I chose an icon that when pulled apart resembles a singular person, but when combined, is an interpretation of a flower. This icon accomplished the goals to more accurately represent the business.


Color plays a big role in this logo. Dr. Llop loves color so I pulled from his Puerto Rican heritage to create a bright and vibrant palate to create excitement and the feeling of energy. I also used color to give each individual their own business card color, used it to delineate pages and services on their website, and as a way to break down other elements in his branding into categories. 


I also fully revamped his website and the included content. What was once a bland and unusable site with outdated information, I transformed into a clean, vibrant, easy to navigate site for clients to access all that Integrative Wellness has to offer.

See his complementary review HERE.

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