Laundry Matters


Loving America Street started as a simple challenge to invest in Charleston's low-income neighborhoods on the Eastside of Charleston, SC. Samantha Sammis and a few other dedicated individuals moved to Columbus Street to serve and love the surrounding community. Every week they plan activities, games, cleanups, and Bible studies to passionately support their neighbors.


Samantha came to me in need of a logo for her under-renovation laundromat that she operates for the low-income families of downtown Charleston. I created their logotype using soft, flowing calligraphic typography that reminded me of fabric and thread. Pairing that with the holy trinity of washers in a line style that mimicked the typography, created a fun design that she has incorporated into all her branding.

I also was privileged to help her create t-shirts, bag tags, and signs.

See her complementary review HERE.

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