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Vita Vivaldi

Through this short book, I told the story of Vivaldi and his journey though the four seasons. This was such a fun project! I explored type in a way I never had before - felt it ebb and flow with the drifting sound of the violin. Through the use of bold type, italics, kerning, alignment and spacing, I emphasized the content of the book, while also giving the story a sense of movement. The white sections are dicuts, which once cut out, reveal the content behind. It was challenging to think about what lay beyond the blank space and how it would appear once seen, but it was one of my favorite parts to figure out! 


Environmental Footprint

This report focused on how the shoe industry has been making positive improvements on their environmental impact. As an artist, I love the use of color! For this project, I let the colors fly and made an otherwise boring subject exciting and vibrant. Flat, dynamic designs is a style I tend to gravitate towards, so I incorporated it into the overall design of the book.

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