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Margalena Lepore is a talented painter residing in Newnan, GA. She seeks to bringing joy to others through lots of paint and friendship. Specializing in fine oil paintings on canvas and watercolor & ink customized greeting cards. 


Margalena came to me seeking a logo to kickoff the branding in her newly established painting business. She loved navy and cream, gray wood accents, and some pop of color. She had an impressionistic style to her paintings, which created a beautiful sense of movement. The other element she wanted to incorporate was a tree she had hand-drawn, with encouraging words written on the branches.

I scanned and vectorized the tree to use as her main logo element, and cleaned up the edges to make it look precise without loosing its hand-drawn quality. I wanted to balance the flowing lines of the tree with more modern, structured type that still had character. I chose two serif fonts and increased the kerning between the letters to give lightness and personality to the logo. For colors, I kept to her theme of navy and cream, while adding a pop of mint green for a delicate modern touch. I also knew she loved dragonflies, so I designed a special little creature out of palate knife shapes and placed it among the tree branches. She loved the personal touch!


I am privileged to have helped her design business cards, biography cards, and an event banner she uses at art shows. 

See her complementary review HERE.

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