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A Little About MNGD: One Readhead & A World of Possibilities

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new blog of MNGD!

I am very excited to have an opportunity to chat with you about myself and my work here on the blog. This will be a place where I hope to share with you some tricks of the design trade, what inspires me creatively and how I harness my passion to help clients reach their design goals.

I love working with diverse clients of all sizes and specialties. From a companies history, services and goals, right down to the “look" they want to portray to their customers, each is exquisitely unique. I learn something different from each new client, and while it’s true there are a million other blogs spanning across the internet, my hope is that MNGD’s blog will also be unique; a new source of inspiration and connection.

So, a little about me. For as long as I can remember, art and design has been part of my life. My dad was an architect. My mom, an art teacher. I’m pretty sure I was born with graphite running though my veins. I was given many wonderful opportunities to explore and cultivate my early love of art through the flexibility of being homeschooled through High School (yes, I had PLENTY of social activities and yes, I may have worn a jean skirt once or twice).

My passion only grew once I reached college and entered into Kennesaw State University's rigorous graphic design program. I signed up for classes from “The Dragon” - the endearing name given to the toughest design teacher on campus. All the art students warned me, “Don’t take her classes if you want to graduate on time!” Despite the warnings, I saw these classes as a chance to grow and hone my skills - to learn from the best so I could be the best for my future clients. It was through this source, and many others, that my passion began to meet precision.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from KSU, I married my high school sweetheart and we moved to Charleston, SC. I took on several odd jobs, but realized I was not happy or passionate about the work I was doing. Having been a freelance graphic designer since High School, I had experienced the joy of helping businesses reach their goals through solid design and knew I wanted to do more of that! So, in 2011, I followed God’s leading and began focusing on my freelancing career and building up MNGD full-time!

I love my job! I am so blessed to be able to say that on a daily basis. I love the diverse projects, the relationships I build with my clients and the feeling of accomplishment when we achieve their goals with good design. Not everyday is easy, but I know that each day offers new challenges and new opportunities to grow.

I am glad to share with you a little about my journey! If you have questions or would like to get in touch, message me! I would love to hear from you!

PSSST: In my next post, I will share a little insight into the inspiration and thought process of rebranding MNGD!


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