Westmoreland Law


Chris Westmoreland is a criminal attorney serving the Tampa Bay, FL area, including Pinellas, Hillsboro and Pasco counties. He has handled thousands of criminal cases including over 1,000 DUI charges, and has litigated as lead or sole counsel in over one hundred trials.


Mr. Westmoreland is a well established firm, but had no branding to make him recognizable to his clients. He needed a logo that was professional, clean, modern and represented his firm. I created a combination mark using a unique typeface "W" and accompanying modern font. I incorporated blue, his favorite color, and a contemporary gray to further the feeling of uniqueness, professionalism, and ease.

Once we established his logo, I went on to create his business cards, letterhead, envelopes,  and several mailers. 

See his complementary review HERE.

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